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Groenz has a wide range of various delicious foods for you:
sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, dinner salad, bread rolls, wraps, hot dishes en various dishes .

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’t Richterbosje

Toasted bread cheese, cooked ham, tomato, boiled egg, cucumber, lettuce and onion. Served with truffle mayonnaise

€ 10,50


Toasted bread tuna salad, smoked salmon, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg, lettuce and onion. Served with aioli

€ 11,95


Toasted bread egg salad, lettuce, smoked chicken and crispy bacon. Serves with carpaccio dressing.

€ 10,50


Toasted bread brie, walnuts and lettuce. Served with mango

€ 10,50

Vegetarisch 🍎  

Toasted bread zucchini, baked mushrooms, pesto, cheese, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg, lettuce and onion. Served with basil mayonnaise.

€ 10,50

Tuna – melted

Tuna with melted cheese (hot sandwich)

€ 10,50

Grilled sandwiches (nl: Tosti’s[’tɔsti’] )

Tosti GroenZ

Grilles sandwich ‘Groenz’ with Ham – cheese – tomato – onion

€  6,95

Tosti Ham Kaas

Grilled sandwich with ham and cheese

€  6,95

Boeren Tosti

Grilled sandwich with ham, cheese, roasted onion, mushrooms and crispy bacon

€  9,00

Tosti Kaas

Grilled sandwich with cheese

€  6,50

Tosti Pesto

Grilled sandwich with pesto, mozzarella, tomato

€  6,95

Tosti Brie

Grilled sandwich with brie , nuts and honey

€  7,50

Bread rolls


served with truffle mayonnaise

€ 10,50


Cheese, ham, boiled egg, cucumber, tomato and lettuce

€  9,00


Egg salad, pickle, tomato and lettuce

€  9,00


Brie, nuts and mango dressing

€  9,00


mozzarella, pesto, tomato

€  9,00


Tuna salad , red onion, tomato and lettuce and aioli

€ 10,50

Pulled Pork

hot bread roll with pulled pork

€ 12,50

Pittige kip

hot breadroll with spicy chicken

€ 12,50

Goat cheese with honey

cranberry , honey and walnuts

€ 10,50

Dinner salad


Various types of lettuce , onion, carpaccio, sundried tomato, pine nuts, Parano cheese met truffle mayonnaise

€ 17,50


Various types of lettuce, salmon, cucumber, onion, egg, pine nuts, mustard-dill sauce , served with a tuna salad

€ 17,50


Various types of lettuce, feta , egg, tomato, cucumber, pine nuts, with a mustard-dill dressing

€ 16,50


Various types of lettuce, smoked chicken, egg, cucumber, pine nuts, with basil dressing

€ 16,50

Sambeeks gemèkker

Various types of lettuce, goat cheese on a beetroot salad with egg, cucumber served with a honeydip

€ 16,50

Plattelands salade

Various kinds of lettuce with cream cheese, egg, tomato, roasted sunflower nuts, Parano cheese, served with a creamy dressing

€ 16,50


Wrap Kipfilet

Wrap with herb cream cheese with smoked chicken breast served on lettuce with red onions and pine nuts. Garnished with basil dressing and parmesan cheese

€ 10,50

Wrap Zalm

Wrap salmon with herb cream cheese with salmon served on lettuce with red union and pine nuts. Garnished with sun-dried tomatoes and olives with a mustard-dill dressing

€ 12,50

Wrap Pesto

€ 10,50

Hot dishes

Varkenshaas saté 🍎

Pork tenderloin on a skewer with sate sauce, served with french fries and crudités

€ 16,50


Pork schnitzel, served with French fries, crudités of choice with mushroom sauce or Gipsy sauce

€ 17,50

Sambeekse Hamburger 🍎

Black Angus hamburger on a bun with lettuce, red onion, crispy bacon, tomato, parmesan cheese and truffle mayonnaise

€ 14,50

Boxmeerse Hamburger

Black Angus hamburger on bread, with roasted onions, egg, bacon and tomato

€ 14,50

Vega Hamburger

Vegan hamburger served on bread

€ 14,50

Various dishes

Soep van de dag

Soup of the day

€  6,50

Uitsmijter Ham / Kaas

Fried eggs with ham and cheese

€  9,95

Uitsmijter Sambeekse Hei

Fried eggs with fries onion, crispy bacon, mushrooms with melted cheese

€ 13,95


Omelette ham/cheese

€  9,95


Omelette with fried onion, bacon, mushrooms, with melted cheese

€ 13,95

2 Kroketten

2 croquettes with bread

€  9,50


French fries with the choice of a Dutch frikadel or croquette

€  8,50

Extra mandje stokbrood

An extra basket of baguette

€  2,95

Extra friet

Extra French fries per serving

€  3,50

Extra mayonaise

Extra mayonnaise

€  0,50